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Tailored solutions for every need

Miele Marine caters to the specific requirements of off-shore customers, including superyachts, cruise ships and commercial vessels.

Product performance, exceptional service and availability are crucial requirements for ocean going vessels and Miele delivers on all accounts, providing a wide range of incomparable German engineered products. As a high quality appliance manufacturer, Miele Marine accommodates various voltage requirements.

Cruise ships, yachts, oil rigs and commercial vessels all around the world rely on Miele appliances and its service. For cruise ships, Miele offers small footprint commercial laundry appliances for the crew and guest launderettes. No matter if you’re in need of a standard sized model or one of our larger capacity professional washing machines, you can always expect your individual washing needs to be fulfilled with Miele.

Apart from outstanding capacities, all machines can be freely programmed and customized. Time and temperature settings as well as different language options can easily be coded. Fast cycle times and a durable industrial technology help to prevent unplanned issues with the Laundry System onboard.

For oil rigs for example, Miele offers machines, which are equipped with special programs for oil suits and overalls. Additionally, the impregnation of work cloth can easily be done in Miele Marine machines. Short running times guarantee a quick turnaround of the work cloth.

Miele Marine appliances are well known all around the world and the first choice on-board!

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