Ecological Responsibility

Sustainability - assuming responsibility for our environment


Responsibility for generations - there is no better way of expressing how Miele defines sustainability. For more than 115 years we have been developing and producing highperformance and convenient domestic appliances which are peerless in terms of durability and dependability, resource-saving production and energy-efficiency. Our products are produced by employees who are respected and valued. We ensure that our supply chain complies with social and environmental standards. With the people and institutions who are involved in Miele activities we maintain a dialogue with a spirit of partnership.

This stance is affirmed with a membership with the UN sustainability organisation Global Compact, with certification according to SA 8000 valid international social standards, and by joining the "Diversity Charter" for equal opportunities amongst employees. Certification according to ISO standards for quality, environment and energy management and, according to standards for health and occupational safety, offer a systematic frame for further optimisations: in the environmental protection in production and products and in the protection of our employees. All in keeping with our motto of being "Immer besser" (forever better), which was inscribed by the founding fathers of Miele in their first machines.

Miele holds sustainability in the same esteem as integrity, respect towards our natural environment which is the foundation of our existence, responsibility for people and the environment, continuity and quality consciousness. For all this our company was awarded the German Sustainability Prize 2014 and an environmental awareness prize B.A.U.M. Umweltpreis 2014 (A German working group to promote environmental awareness at a managerial level).

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