Miele production sites

Germany - Warendorf factory (Technology Center Plastics)

As the competence centre for plastic components, Warendorf acts as a supplier to all Miele Group finished goods production plants. Production includes complex sub-assemblies such as washing machine doors or the filters used on tumble dryers as well as sophisticated composite parts and components with a high-gloss surface finish (e.g. vacuum cleaner casings). 60 percent of the plastic components used in the German Miele factories come from Warendorf; in addition, the factory, which was established in 1975, supervises the plastic parts production of the Miele locations in Uničov (Czech Republic), Dongguan (China) as well as Ksawerów (Poland).


Miele-Str. One
D-48231 Warendorf

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Phone: (02581) 94390
Email: technology-center-plastics@miele.de