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Germany - Gütersloh factory

Appliances factory Gütersloh

The oldest production plant (approx. 2,000 employees, founded in 1907 at the company's headquarters) is also the competence centre for domestic and semi-commercial laundry care within the Miele Group. Here, Miele produces its washing machines (frontloaders) and washer-dryers. These are joined by the production of pressings, cast-iron components and enamelled casing sections for other Miele production plants as well as product and process development for Miele plants in Uničov (Czech Republic) and Ksawerów (Poland).

Smart Home/Electronics

The second major division at the company´s headquarters, with around 750 employees, has two tasks: On the one hand, electronic components are both developed and manufactured here using highly automated processes. These electronics are used in almost all Miele appliances. In addition to Gütersloh, the electronics division also has a second location in Braşov, Romania, with approximately 320 employees. On the other hand, the specialists in the Smart Home division are driving forward the issue of networking so that Miele products are becoming ever more intelligent. This includes, among other things, the further development of the Miele app as well as the Miele voice assistance.


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