Miele develops and produces durable domestic and commercial appliances that deliver superior quality. The company's lineup of domestic products includes a wide range of washing machines, dryers, rotary ironers and vacuum cleaners, as well as built-in kitchen appliances for cooking and baking, steam-cooking, dishwashing, refrigerating and freezing food, and preparing coffee. In the commercial segment, Miele offers laundry and cleaning appliances for hotels and restaurants, care and nursing institutions, and small businesses, as well as cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising appliances for medical facilities and laboratories. At the end of their long useful life (a defining characteristic of Miele appliances), products are recycled and disposed of through waste appliance return systems. Miele is actively committed to improving these systems.

Viewed over their entire lifecycle, roughly seventy-five percent of the energy used by domestic and commercial appliances is consumed in the use phase. And, similar to their energy consumption, the appliances' use of water also has a significant impact within the value chain. Additional use-related challenges include new appliance operability requirements due to demographic change and the general trend towards replacing appliances after increasingly shorter periods of use, which in turn causes increased resource consumption. Raw materials recycling and the effective collection of waste appliances are therefore growing more and more important. The main challenge in returning waste appliances is the long distances that these appliances must travel in order to be recycled (often to locations far away from the region in which they were manufactured). In this phase, ensuring fair working conditions and protecting the environment are also relevant issues, regardless of the specific region. 

In order to ensure that a high level of quality also accompanies its products throughout the sales and marketing process, Miele exclusively sells its appliances in Germany and many other European countries through authorised dealers (this also applies to online sales). The company places great value on cultivating partnerships that are intended to last as long as possible and which focus on competent sales advising and a service-oriented approach. In its international markets, Miele also relies on specialist retail (depending on the structure available in the individual countries) while additionally utilising other sales channels, such as company-owned showrooms, commission agencies and online stores.

Miele strives to raise sustainability awareness in its dealers and customers at every possible opportunity, e.g. in training sessions, sales consultations and even in the operating instructions for its appliances.

The environmental and climatic impact of the traffic caused by Miele's business operations is something the company takes very seriously. The use of reduced-emissions means of transport and intelligent transport planning and optimisation systems help to lessen this impact.


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