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Miele Sustainability Report 2019

Miele's 2019 Sustainability Report shows just how important it is for us to produce highly efficient and innovative domestic appliances and commercial machines: They lead the way towards greater sustainability in the home. What Miele is doing to promote sustainability and climate protection at its various locations is presented by the report in an easily comprehensible and readable manner - to the benefit of all our stakeholders. Further information is provided in our press release,

In the realm of ideas

For more than a year now, Miele's budding talent has been playing and researching in the Ideenreich company-affiliated day care centre for children in Gütersloh. In the direct neighbourhood of the company's headquarters, young children are taken good care of whilst their parents are at work at their desks or in washing machine production. From babies to children almost of school age, around 70 children visit the Gütersloh nursery. 'Spirit of Research', a glove puppet with a telling name is always present: research, experimentation and trial and error plays a key role at the IdeenReich centre.

Miele achieves first place in Sustainability Image Score (SIS)

Just how consumers view sustainability depends not on the branch of industry concerned but on corporate culture. Looked at this way, Miele has the best sustainability image. This was the outcome of the 'Sustainability Image Score 2017' survey. The aim of the study was to ascertain the influence sustainability and corporate responsibility has on the image of companies, consumers’ willingness to buy and customer loyalty. Click here for further information (in German):

TotalEQuality Award goes to Miele

We see diverse worlds of experience and ways of living as enriching our lives. For its achievements, Miele recently received the 'Total E-Quality' rating for diversity. The highly reputable 'Total E-Quality Deutschland e.V.' association honoured Miele for its 'exemplary commitment' in its esteem for and promotion and harnessing of the individual diversity of its employees. This initiative, supported by the German federal government, aims to firmly establish the principles of equal opportunity. Click on the following links for further information: Miele press release No. 118/2017 (German) and

Reducing energy consumption, improving efficiency

Energy efficiency is a key issue at Miele. Not only when it comes to our domestic appliances and commercial machines. It also applies to operational environmental protection. Since 2000, Miele has succeeded in reducing energy consumption at its production plants by more than 15% – despite considerable increases in production output. And yet, Miele is always on the lookout for new ways of saving energy. Our goal for 2025 is to further reduce specific energy consumption by 20%. The following link provide further details: Sustainability Report.

Australians value the dependability of Miele machines

The Australian 'Choice' magazine last year presented the results of a major survey conducted by the eponymous consumer watchdog. In all, 9,000 members were polled. Our washing machines, tumble dryers and vacuum cleaners achieved excellent marks for reliability, customer satisfaction and after-sales service. Read the entire report here:

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2019 Sustainability Report




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