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As one of the largest employers in the region, we are traditionally closely associated with Gütersloh and Ostwestfalen-Lippe – the region that we call home. Even our company founders felt responsible for the well-being of their employees and families. A wide-ranging social engagement initiative has developed over the decades as a result of this sense of responsibility. Activities are largely focused on the regions surrounding the company sites.

Social engagement Unicov

The focus of our engagement

Miele plants and sales subsidiaries are committed to a wide range of social activities, with the focus usually being on children and adolescents, often in connection with educational initiatives. For example, the Czech location supports a children’s home, several schools and university projects both financially and through volunteer work. Whether it’s a robotics competition, excursions or camping trips – regular offers also extend to employee children. Besides all these undertakings, the employees at the various locations are always involved in various activities, for example a fund raising campaign to support an institution for people with disabilities.

“Do robots sleep?” is one of the questions that occasionally gets asked by young visitors to the Uničov plant when the employees’ children are allowed to visit their parents’ workplace. Girls and boys from the age of six come for a guided tour through the plant. The children get to know a tumble dryer from the inside, inspect the assembly of the many parts and learn how small plastic balls are turned into components for dishwashers or dryers. In addition to the large, colourful robots, the school children are especially interested in the 3D printers and the different work clothes their parents have to wear – as well as the fact that robots actually have to take a break now and then.

Every year, a number of employees take a break of a different kind, with Miele giving them a day off work to volunteer and work for people from their community. They come from different areas and choose their own voluntary activity. For example, the quality manager and an HR developer visit senior citizens’ homes, their colleague and the building manager take care of people with disabilities, and the public relations specialist organises events in the children’s home. Since being given their day off work to volunteer, all those involved have continued their volunteer work in their free time as well. Miele Uničov supports personal commitment and has initiated information campaigns to motivate even more employees to become socially involved.

Miele Foundation: working on behalf of the local area

The Miele Foundation, originally founded in 1974, also focuses on causes relating to youth, education and culture. The primary objective set out in its charter is to promote public welfare in the city of Gütersloh. Since 1976, the Miele Foundation has offered significant support to initiatives such as the Gütersloh Holiday Games for children between the ages of 5 and 17. Every year, the programme offers a diverse range of activities that provide care during school holidays. The Gütersloh boys' choir is also sponsored by the foundation.


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